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multi-currency plugin setup

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    kosa Lilla

    dear villa theme Team,

    purchased the multi currency plugin for woo commerce yesterday.

    We are having difficulties to make it work.

    what I would like to see:
    right side menu bar with HUF, EUR, USD, GBP choice (fixed rates)
    geolocation IP address determination so in EU prices come up in EUR, in the US USD and UK GBP, AND for example Australia the price should come up in AUD (even it is not in the menu bar) plus for Australia I would like to use the HUF as base and automatic changing shall apply.

    checkout payment possible in HUF, USD, EUR, GBP different options PayPal, Barion (credit card accepting), bank transfer

    What I see now, is that sometimes I still only have the free version HUF EUR and the USD GBP options only come out a few clicks later. Not right at first (we all now that one click you win or loose).

    The geolocation is not working at all, I was using different geolocations through VPN, New York, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland etc, but nothing happened prices all came out in the original HUF.

    Until the last point it keeps the USD amount, but when it gives the order confirmation for bank transfer it gives me the price in HUF not in USD.

    we think we did set it up correctly the plugin, giving the features we would like to have still it does not seem to work.

    please help us,

    Kind regards,

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