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Multiple issues with Variations Swatches plugin

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    Natasha Holder


    I just purchased your swatches plugin and I’ve been having a huge number of problems with it since installation.

    Shop page problems
    One of the biggest issues is that the images do not change when I select a colour on the shop page.

    I’m also unable to move the swatches underneath the price. If I select ‘position after price (alternative)’, the swatches will move to the right area, but it causes the page to keep repeatedly loading.
    The URL also changes to this

    If I deselect ‘enable add to cart’ the swatches will not show up on the shop page at all. With it selected, swatches show up, but no add to cart button appears.

    Enabling the swatches slider also does not work

    Product page problems
    On the product page, the title text appears in a bigger font than the attribute term.

    The automated get key function also does not work, I had to add it manually in the end.

    I’d very much appreciate it if you could look into these issues as soon as possible. Of particular importance is the issue with images not changing on the shop page and aligning the attribute title text with the default product page font.

    Many thanks,


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