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multiple issues

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    amine bessa

    video 01: button “ADD TO CART” not appearing when a step is skipped, imagine that a customer doesn’t need an SSD for the reason that he already has one, in this case, he must click on preview to finish the configuration and it’s definitely not intuitive!
    Video 02: once my choice is made and the components added to the cart, if at that time I decided finally to change any of those components ( like for more Memory/better CPU…) by going back to PC builder and validate from PC builder my changed component, then all the components will BE (multiplicated by 2) except for the very first step, the system certainly believes it’s a new configuration, while it’s just a correction.
    video 03: items remain in the Configurator even when the cart was emptied…
    video 04: As we also sell the component sépratly, if a customer wants to build his PC buy using our PC builder and simultaneously purchase other components for another PC that he already has, then in this case; the assembly could be wrong and it’s a major issue we’ve got here

    Link to download the videos


    Thanks in advance

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