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Multisite bug

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    Scott Bowler

    Hi guys,

    Just a bit of feedback on a bug with this plugin on WordPress multisite. It works perfectly, apart from when you’re reimporting customers.

    In data.php, in the “customer_get_id_by_shopify_id” function you are setting the user tables using the following:

    $table = “{$wpdb->prefix}users”;
    $table_meta = “{$wpdb->prefix}usermeta”;

    On multisite, this is setting the two variables (for example) to wp_7_users and wp_7_usermeta

    Multisite doesn’t have user and usermeta tables on a per site basis, so instead I’ve hardcoded these variables to be


    Obviously this shouldn’t be harcoded, as the prefix can be changed.

    Hopefully a simple thing to fix, and it would fix this multisite bug.

    Keep up the great work!

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