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New Update Short Test – Review

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    R. Silveer

    Hello there, i tested your new Update shortly, i will test it more to see if everything works as it should.
    But what i found at the first look, you removed the open image see here: https://ibb.co/dQPP6np and this is before update: https://ibb.co/b2yGFx4

    And you maybe forgot, but you said, you will add the possibility to short the link in the email. When a user sent his configuration via email, then a very long link will be generated, it were better to add it as button or at least to add this link in text, so i can add text: Buy Now! https://ibb.co/YBfbxyz and https://ibb.co/9HdkHzZ

    And as i can remember, i asked you to add a second description field in the steps for errors, when a product is not available, it shows only the default text like: Nothing found. With a second description for those errors, i can define for each step how the error should be, like: For CPU is nothing to show – ERROR- For your CPU is no product available… https://ibb.co/WfK54zJ

    Print seems not working, when i click nothing happens, and PDF works but it shows the shortcodes too https://ibb.co/RjB16TR is there possible to hide them somehow for the PDF exporter function?

    Thank you a lot 🙂

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