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no coupon but customise box for coupon,does not make sense.

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    Theo COUET

    Hello, I went on your premium plugin to have the opportunity to display the coupon on the thank you page if my client had an order smaller than 30 euros. On the customize of your plugin, it is possible to create a block “coupon” with text and a coupon, I give 20%.

    So with your premium plugin, I only display the coupon if the total order does not exceed 30 euros. It works but we see a block where the coupon is null / invisible.

    the problem is that in the block “coupon” I have a text above that say: thank you here is 20% discount for your next order and no coupon. If the customer buys less than 30 euros he has the text: here is your coupon of 20% the coupon below.

    The problem you will understand is that you should not hide only the coupon but the whole box coupon, you understand what I mean?

    For the moment your plugin shows me, “here is your coupon” for everyone, but hides the coupon if the total order is greater than 30 euros and displays the coupon if the order is less than 30 euros.

    But the text included in the coupon box must also be hidden, otherwise it does not make sense.

    How to cure it ?

    thank you

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