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No emails sent and discussion about the review popup variants behaviour

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    I have purchased WooCommerce Photo reviews (and also the Product Variation Swatches) recently and I have a couple of points I would like to discuss.

    1. I have made a test order using paypal sandbox and after I set it to completed I did not revied any reminder for the review or any coupon (but I have received the WooCommerce emails). Did not work manually either and ther4e is nothing in the spam. The site is under development and I use the default email sending system (it will be changed in the near future).

    2. Which is the logic of the swatches selected in the review pop up? I have reviewed the product after the purchase (verified) and also I have reviewed it previously (not verified) and I got the same result. Size is set to M (default) and color is set to nothing (because it has no default). Since I cannot select the swatches I am not able to add it into the cart making it unusable. Moreover, the verified purchase was an S with color green and it is not considered. Shouldn’t be selected the purchased variants?

    You can check this test product to see the issue:
    The comment with ‘Best tee ever!’ Is the verified one.

    Thank you,

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