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No images are being downloaded in the backgroud

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    I tried with 3 different shopify’s now, and though it used to work, now it doesn’t, no images downloaded. I tried downloaded in the background and downloading directly. After downloaded in the the background I also tried the Sync button, which worked, but it didn’t download the gallery images, it only downloaded the one featured image.

    At the top it just repetitively gives the “if you’re getting duplicated cancel, If you downloading resume download”, each time I press resume download it does the same again. It does this for both the non-premium and premium plugin, I deleted the premium you can reinstall it. I already have a shopify ready with the API Key and Password already inserted, you can click Import when ready.

    Please turn everything except “Products”, when importing. Don’t import anything like categories, orders, customer etc, JUST Products, nothing else but Products.

    Please Do Not deactivate Any Appmaker plugins and any Dokan plugins or the theme, if you deactivate anything else please make sure you turn it back on when done. If you want to deactivate anything please first let me know.

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