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Not what I was expecting!

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    Hey guys,

    First of all, I’d like to mention that I have bought 4 of your plugins and all of them are amazing.

    They work as they should, but I did encounter one big issue, at least for me. when I installed Woocommerce Multi Currency, I noticed my website started to load pretty slowly. So, went on digging on my GTmetrix and found out that the plugin adds about 9MBs of load to all my pages, which increases the load speed from 1.26s to 5.13s.

    So, I went ahead and added your plugin on another website that I have to confirm my claims, and to no surprise, it added about 9MBs on that site too.

    This on my eyes is intolerable, as I am in the ecommerce business and loading time needs to be the lowest it can be.

    I kindly ask for a refund, unless you are willing to reduce those 9MBs of files that are loading from your plugin.

    Thanks in advance,



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