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Not working as intended with too many variations.

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    Umut Kara

    First of all thank you for your amazing plug-in. We recently bought your plug-in which is WooCommerce Variation Swatches Premium. We are trying to make an e-commerce site that includes many paintings and posters. Some of our products have 200+ variations that are depending on the frame size and color in them. To attract customers we want to use a better variation system as your plug-in provides. Because of so many sizes and selections in our products, we want to hide unavailable variations according to the selection of customer. For instance, https://www.tablomaster.com/magaza/cerceveli-poster/karisik-cerceveli-poster/orient-mountains-cerceveli-poster-set/ this product has 25 total variations and works perfectly as expected and hide unavailable selections. But this product https://www.tablomaster.com/magaza/cerceveli-poster/karisik-cerceveli-poster/one-person-cerceveli-poster-seti/ has 155 total variations and not working as expected and showing every available and unavailable possible situation. We want plug-in to work as in the first link that send. Is there any reason that causes this behaviour or is it intended that way? This is our first problem.
    Second problem is label padding. Last attribute label which is called “Çerçeve Tipi” at the link is too close to the selections which occur vertical position. Other two attribute labels have no problem but last one is too close and causes a messy appearance. Also last attribute label’s sections are not centered at horizontal position as two others. We hope we made our problems understandable enough.
    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards.

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