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Not working with Tutor LMS

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    Rodrigo Barrera

    I have WooCommerce Multi Currency PRO and I’m using Tutor LMS to sell courses online. The earnings made in Tutor are not being converted when I switch currencies.
    The only thing that changes, is the number of decimals of each currency. For example:

    How it should be (considering a rate of 800 CLP/USD):
    CLP: 80.000
    USD: 100,00

    How it is now:
    CLP: 100
    USD: 100,00

    If I change the exchange rate, nothing happens. However, if a change the number of decimals, let’s say from 2 to 3, I get this:

    CLP: 100
    USD: 100,000

    Somehow, WMC changes the number of decimals when changing currency, but it doesn’t make the conversion.

    I hope you can help me with this.
    Thanks in advance.

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