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optical defects + PHP Output

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    Dominic Peer


    im using your plugin.
    Basically, I am thrilled with the settings options and find the plugin good. Unfortunately, however, there are some things that do not work well for me. Below I would like to explain these.

    1.) When I edit a mail, in my case the “order confirmation” and then send it as a test mail, I have the problem that the mail looks strange on different clients. In Outlook the mail is a disaster. The colors do not match at all, the arrangement is definitely not as I have configured it and buttons look completely different! What am I doing wrong here?

    2.) Is it possible to include PHP?
    I am using the Iconic Delivery Slots plugin and would like to arrange the delivery date and timeslot in a different position.
    Here is the link to Iconic’s instructions:
    Here is the answer from support:
    If you want to insert or display the delivery dates in different areas, you can easily do that using a PHP code.


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