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Out Of Stock Problem

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    Your plug-in although has an option to show the out of stock variations with a blur cross, it does not have the right implamentation.

    For example.

    We have a Color > Blue with Sizes > Small, Medium, Large.

    If Small is out of stock your plug-in will not show it as blurred with cross.

    Out of stock

    In stock

    Only in the following scenario the blur with cross will work.

    We have 2 Colors Anthracite – Blue.

    Anthracite has 2 sizes > Small, Medium

    Blue has 5 sizes > Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

    If you select Anthracite variation then it shows the Large – XL – XXL button Blurred Crossed out because Anthracite does not have these variations but still if Small is out of stock will not show it as crossed.

    Check the screenshots:



    The expected behavior would be If a variation is out of stock to be blurred crossed out.

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