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Padding and width problems.

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    Umut Kara

    Hi Mr./Mrs. Supporter,

    We have three problems and if it is possible we want you to fix it for us
    because we have not succeed. Still great plugin by the way, thanks for your works.

    First problem is third label which is “Çerçeve Tipi” on horizontal position is changing
    its position by selection. We used this ”

    .variations .vi-wpvs-variation-style a.reset_variations.vi-wpvs-hidden {
    display: none !important;
    } ”
    custom css that provided by you to fix centering problem but this caused that problem
    right now.

    Second problem is again third label but this one is on vertical position. On vertical
    position attribute label which is “Çerçeve Tipi” is way too close to the selections.

    Third and last problem is select variation’s width. Select bar is too wide and if it is possible
    we want you to reduce the width of that. We’ve found a css which is

    .woocommerce-page .variations_form.vi_wpvs_variation_form .vi-wpvs-variation-style td{
    width: 75% !important
    } ”
    but this one also reduce widthes of every variations types and we have not achieve only reducing
    mentioned ones.

    We are putting some images to be more clear about our problems.

    Thank you in advance,


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