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Paypal Tracking info update issue.

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    Kulbhushan Parashar

    1st I realise that Paypal is not updating for some orders.

    To test further, I tried with a new csv with 10 order data.

    To my surprise when I checked the import logs only 7 got updated at paypal.

    Further I check one Order #41434 which is not updated at paypal, I simply see that under order page inside item below product name, under tracking info text area the tracking number is updated, but when you see the bottom right side of page where one more tracking number area is there with bulk set tracking number, there it is not updated.

    Then I edit the track info in the 1st tracking text area below product name and check paypal update option and saved it, when see at paypal it got updated this time with manual intervention.

    The other 2 un updated orders for your reference to check are order number
    Order #41455
    Order #41444

    Seems like some api issue? or something else?

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