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Plugin doesn’t work properly

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    Gianluca Baldini

    I’m trying to use properly this plugin not without difficulties.

    1) In every page I only can see the message in the “Announce System” box, even when the cart is full

    2) The same problem in the product page. When I add a product it refresh the bar in the product page, but if I select another product the bar in the product page returns to “zero”

    3) I’ve never seen the messages in the “Message Purchased”, “Message Success” and “Message Error” boxes.

    4) The only part of the site in which the plugin seems to work well is thc cart-checkout pages. In these pages the bar works well and when the minimum price is reached it shows the free shipping option. But I want to know how to select automatically this option when showed.

    5) I’d like to put the bar on the top, but it covers up the content of the site (including logo and menu). How to put the bar fixed on the top overcoming this problem?

    I attach three images that shows this problems. In the image1 I’ve just added two products in the cart. In the image2 I show that after, searching for another product, in the shop page I see the message in the “Announce System” instead of the progression bar with “Message Purchased” or “Message Success”. In the image3 I show that entering in another product page the bar returns to zero despite there are two products in the cart.

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