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Plugin not working (properly)

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    I got several problems:

    1) When I enter the site shop with my second language (en) directly, all prices are in swedish kronor, instead of euros. I have to switch to swedish and then back to english to display prices in euros. I realize this is due to this not being displayed by default “?wmc-currency=SEK”, but isn’t there a way around this? I have activated “Switch Currency by JS”, but it doesn’t work.

    2) When I change language on my site, this gets added to the URL: ?wmc-currency=SEK. This works fine in most browsers, but not in Safari (haven’t tested on Windows, but it works on Chrome, FF and Opera on mac). The site just can’t load in safari, with “?wmc-currency=SEK” in the URL

    3) When I change the secondary price (euro) on my product, the old price is still displayed on my site. I deactivated my cache plugin, emptied browser cache – but still the new price is not displayed. I have activated “Fixed price” (Set up product price in each currency manually, this price will overwrite the calculated price) – so I really don’t understand whats going on.

    My site:

    my shop site
    https://dangerzone.se/en/guidebooks/ (notice how the price you’ll se is in kronor, even though this is the english site)

    I use polylang as language plugin.

    I hope you can help!


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