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Plugin stopped working

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    Feel Fab

    1. My product pages do not offer the option to write a review to the visitors. I can see the reviews displayed for the product but no one can leave a new review on the product pages. You can take a look at any of the product pages here – https://feelfablondon.com/product-category/radiant-you/

    2. Also, when you click on the stars under the title it does not jump to the review section on the page.

    3. I had some css code written by your support to hide the reviews tab on the product page that I have removed as i have moved my site from a theme to elemnetor. Do i still need to leave the code or delete it? Here is teh code –

    /*Fix star issue*/
    .shortcode-wcpr-modal-light-box .star-rating:before,
    .shortcode-wcpr-modal-light-box .star-rating span,
    .shortcode-wcpr-modal-light-box .star-rating span:before,
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-shortcode .star-rating:before,
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-shortcode .star-rating span,
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-shortcode .star-rating span:before{
    transform: unset !important;
    font-size: inherit !important;
    letter-spacing: 0 !important;
    top: 0 !important;
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-form-container #respond p.stars a.star-1:after,
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-form-container #respond p.stars a.star-2:after,
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-form-container #respond p.stars a.star-3:after,
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-form-container #respond p.stars a.star-4:after,
    .woocommerce-photo-reviews-form-container #respond p.stars a.star-5:after {
    top: -8px;

    My domain name was changed recently, but i hav edeleted teh plugin from the odl website, its only being used on this site now, do i eed to update the new website url somewhere in the plugin settings?

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