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polylang auto currency does not correctly

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    Yakir Jonasoff


    we have an issue with the polylang auto detect currency

    it is set to use dollars for english and ILS for hebrew.
    However there is an issue where after going to couple of pages or just refreshing the cookie that controls the currency suddenly changes to ILS even though I am still on english..

    I have checked the network tab and nothing is resetting this cookie, and when I tried to disable the javascript, it worked correctly but I can’t find any js code on my side that touches your currency cookie.

    in addition I tried the “session” mode and the issue still happens (just without the cookie of course)

    you can see it for yourselves


    first the the wmc_current_currency is correctly set to USD, then refresh the page and suddenly the cookie is set to ILS.

    I am on the latest version

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