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Pop-up does not come back?

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    Pairfum London

    Dear Support,

    We have noticed that the ‘add-to-cart’ pop-up only appears once, i.e. on the first add-to-cart.

    If the pop-up has been clicked / closed, it does not re-appear.

    Are settings that you can add to your plugin so that the pop-up re-appears under certain conditions:
    – after a certain time has passed,
    – after a certain number of products have been added to the cart,
    – after a certain number of products have been viewed,
    – on exit intent, or
    – before/during/after progressing to the cart and/or checkout page?

    We would find this most useful, as visitors / guests on our site might not wish to hand over their email address on the first add-to-cart action but they will more prepared to share their email the longer they are on our site.

    We very much hope this functionality can be added to the plugin.

    Many thanks for your help on this.

    Kind regards,

    Pairfum London

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