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Presale Question (Using Placeholders)

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    Ilsan Dilji


    when i buy the Plugin “WooCommerce Email Template Customizer” am i able to use the short codes from Woocommerce Shipment Plugin?

    Tracking Number: {{order-_wc_shipment_tracking_items:tracking_number}}
    Tracking Provider: {{order-_wc_shipment_tracking_items:tracking_provider}}
    Date Shipped: {{order-_wc_shipment_tracking_items:date_shipped}}
    Custom Tracking Provider: {{order-_wc_shipment_tracking_items:custom_tracking_provider}}
    Custom Tracking Link: {{order-_wc_shipment_tracking_items:custom_tracking_link}}


    Right now it doesnt work in my emails. Is it right that it only works with Pro Version?
    When it works with Pro i will buy pro version.

    Thanks for your help!

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