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Price sync is not working anymore

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    John Barkouzos


    I noticed that Aliexpress has changed its interface and this affects our Plugin as it is not possible to synchronize the products and especially the prices correctly.

    I have a general rule in my products. The price should be 1.6 times the original price.

    If I go to change the price to 2x the original and start synchronization, the price of the product does not change, but remains at 1.6x

    Watch the video https://youtu.be/zyzTdqdMArY

    I have also chosen Aliexpress Standard Shipping as standard shipping.

    Due to the fact that the Aliexpress interface has changed, our extension cannot detect the shipping method and simply says Unknown.

    See the picture https://imgur.com/SkaedyL


    This is happening to all my 3 websites

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