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Pricing rules not being followed

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    Hi, we’re seeing prices in WooCommerce that don’t match the pricing rules we’ve set for products/variations imported from Ali. From our sample we haven’t yet identified the exact pattern for the discrepancy.

    Products are set to auto-sync, and we can see the updates being pulled through both in Imported List and the logs.

    Have just tried to re-import a product where the pricing is incorrect, instead redirected to wp-admin/admin.php?page=woocommerce-alidropship-import-list with ‘No products found’ though we can see the product in Ali. Trying then to re-import from the Ali product page gives us ‘product exists’.

    We have ‘Exclude on-sale products’ set to no, so we’re not missing sales discounts.

    As it looks as though we’re set up correctly, and haven’t found the answer in other tickets, could you suggest the elements we should double-check again then measures to restore the correct pricing.

    Can provide examples/credentials if required.

    Many thanks

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