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Problem with multi currency plugin and stripe payment

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    I’m a designer and integrator working on a customer’s online store. He needed to sell his products in multiple currencies so after some research I advised him to buy your plugin, what he did. But quickly we noticed problems with subscription renewal orders.
    The site is in yen but the majority of customers buy in euros and the only payment method is Stripe. The problem is that for subscription renewal orders, if there is a first payment error and the customer wants to retry the payment, the latter will then modify the amount of the item by passing it to 0 and only charge the shipping cost.

    At first I thought it was the WoCommerce Subscriptions plugin that was causing the problem and contacted their support. After a study on their part they think that it is the multi currency plugin that is causing the problem by not charging the amount in the correct currency after an error.

    This is really a recurring mistake that causes my client to lose money and hope you can find a quick fix.

    Thank you.

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