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Problems and suggestions for Catna plugin.

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    Hello, I have some problems with the plugin, as well as some suggestions for additional features.

    The biggest problem is that the plugin in both ‘Name Your Price’ and ‘Smart Offers’ modes for variable products will not be displayed until a variation is selected. That’s why customers don’t even know they can bargain. If this is the default mode, then please add a setting that will allow us to choose whether to see the plug-in interface permanently or not.

    In ‘Smart Offer’ the setting for ‘Style of input offer label’ does not work in standard mode, but only in popup mode.

    In ‘Smart Offer’ in popup mode, the text for the accepted message is not visible on a black background.

    With ‘Smart Offer’ in standard mode there is no message when the offer is accepted, but the item is just added to the cart.

    Those were the problems, and now two proposals. It would be great if we had settings for the “offer ” button as we have for the label and currency. It would also be good if the default messages in the plugin have the ability to adjust the font size and color.

    Thanks in advance.

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