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Product Search, SKUS/BARCODE, Loading time Issues

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    Imad Darwish


    Just bought the POS recently and already having issues.

    1. SKU Scanning. Previous POS allowed us to scan products SKU and it will automatically add the product. With yours, you have to be clicked on the search bar. And when you scan more than once it just keeps adding numbers to the scanned SKU, so you have to click out and back on the search bar (Very frustrating when you have line of customers)
    2. Horrible search feature. When we can’t search by SKU, it would be nice to search with words and actually have the products show, at the moment it shows completely different products.
    3. Speed isnt too bad, but when loading products/scanned products.

    So far this are my complaints and would be lovely if we can get this resolved because this POS does have potential.

    Please help us out fix this issues. If there is an update that we have to pay for, no problem we just need this fixed asap.

    Thank you

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