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Product Variations Swatches – bulk existing attributs

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    Quentin NORMAND

    I would like to buy your premium version for a client.

    Currently, his products have attributes that used to be of type “Choice” but which designate color names.
    With the free version of your plugin, I see that it is very simple to change the type of the attribute “Choice” to “Color”.

    Then, in the BackOffice, it is very easy via your interface to assign RGB color values in a few clicks.

    On the other hand, I notice no change on the FrontOffice, in the pages of the products because apparently the interface of your plugin does not act directly on ALL the products already on line. However, I would like to switch all products that have the COLOR attribute to circle mode with the assigned color value.

    I realize that it is possible, by going, on each product then, in the section “Attributes”, to select “Hide in product list” | “Vertical” | Color | Color Design but the site has more than 1000 products.

    Is it possible with your plugin, in free or paid version, to apply in mass the change of display of the attributes “Choice” become “Color”?


    Quentin NORMAND

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