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Pugin breaking the site since version

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    Hello VillaTheme,

    We have several issues updating to or (even with a version that support has sent to us via email).

    1- These versions break the site. After some research I have found the reason. In the previous version ( you have added the hook “woocommerce_photo_reviews_shortcode_masonry_item_after_summary_meta_title” used to add information in the review popup under the title (I believe it was asked in the topic Quick Question: add info in the review popup?). I have a plugin that adds the product type (an attribute) under the product title. If I comment the add_action the site does not break. Why is this causing an issue in version when it was properly working before?

    2- Even if I comment the add_action on the “woocommerce_photo_reviews_shortcode_masonry_item_after_summary_meta_title” hook, the masonry is not displayed properly (and it was properly displayed in the previous version). You can check the site’s homepage and you will see the issue in the section “Thanks to all of you”. I can send also screenshots and the few customs styles I have added (but I do not see anything that may cause the issue).

    Thanks for your support,

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