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Quantity not working in PDF and Print

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    R. Silveer

    Hello there, me again 🙂

    I finished my PC Configurator, i have added +850 Products and the Plugin works like a charm. I am very thankful for this plugin and your Support. But i detected one small issue:

    When you choose more Products like here 3x the same product https://ibb.co/FJhNQHy and then you export it as PDF or Print https://ibb.co/rssT4Sk then it dont show the correct quantity but at leas the correct price: https://ibb.co/BVyn3fP and the same when export as PDF. In this exampe i choosed 3x RAM Modules, but it shows 1x! It should be: Quantity: 3 / Price: 30.45 / Subtotal: 91.35

    Maybe you can check it, this is nothing big, but may confuse customers about the quantity.

    Thank you very much 🙂

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