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Question about shortcode [woo_multi_currency_layout5]

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    Hi Support,

    I’ve a question about the layout of [woo_multi_currency_layout5].

    Background: My site is using Flatsome theme, and currently I’m using [woo_multi_currency_layout7] in Top Header as currency switcher (with some Custom CSS modification).

    Now, I want to change to use shortcode layout 5, but have some question on that. To match the style of language switcher, where
    1) Can I change the order, so that Language code come 1st, then language code in the 2nd?
    2) Can I make the flag smaller in 24 x 24px?
    (Understood that the default flag is 48x48px. Using us.png as a test, I’ve manually resized the photo 24x24px and upload to the /plugins/woocommerce-multi-currency/images/flag/ folder. However, it still show as 48 x 48px).

    Screen Capture: https://jmp.sh/m3ThLj1

    P.S. Last time, when setting up Shortcode Layout 7, you’ve help me to add some custom CSS and the setting leave in plugin’s CSS setting page.

    Much Thanks for your help!

    Best Regards,

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