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Question on incompatibility with shipping plugin

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    We have implemented the Milti Currency Plugin on our site and everything works ok except for a detail with the DHL Shipping plugin, i’ll explain the problem here:

    The site has originally all it’s products and prices on COP (Colombian Pesos), we implemented the plugin to sell on USD (United States Dollars) so it comverts everything from COP to USD according to the rate configured in the plugin, at this point everything is perfect.

    The issue is, on the checkout, when calculating the shipping price (calculated by the DHL plugin), it always shows the incorrect shipping price, and the reason is that the DHL plugin is configured to work on USD and not COP, so it gives a price already on USD and the multi currency plugin multiplies it by the exchange rate, showing at the end the wrong shipping price.

    For example, the DHL Shipping plugin calculates $ 38 USD as the shipping rate, but the checkout shows a shipping rate of $ 0.08 USD, because the plugin multiplies the $ 38 USD by the exchange rate of 0.00021 (38*0.00021=0.00798).

    I haven’t been able to see any configuration to solve this problem, the plugin is working perfectly otherwise with extremely usefull functionalities, and we would really like to solve this issue, thanks a lot in advance!

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