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Questions about reminder email settings

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    Here are some points I’m still unsure about:

    1) Email templates.

    The email templates don’t contain a blank line which makes the content look quite cramped:

    Sentence 1
    Sentence 2

    How is the above displayed in the final email? Does WordPress automatically add a new line after each return statement like this:

    Sentence 1

    Sentence 2

    2) {customer_name}

    Is this tag replaced with a customer’s first name?

    3) Link in email to review page

    If I understand correctly, your plugin automatically places a link to a special review page inside each reminder email.

    Where is this link placed and what text is shown around it. Maybe this comes later in the settings, but it would be great nevertheless if you could send me a screenshot of a complete reminder email as it is received by a customer.

    Sorry for these many questions, but I want to make sure everything is set up correctly before I start.

    Best regards,


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