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    Perry l Fields

    1. I cannot auto populate the exclude categories, it just shows top last 10 new products and won’t accept any other titles or names.

    2. Auto generate coupons- is there any setting in COUPONS that I must tick to make this work?

    3. The page with the short code named- REVIEW IT, is not showing up. Any idea how to check the page and how the review is being displayed? I cannot test it at all.

    4. How does the review display (and how can be it be checked) under specific product page. Where does the review go under?

    5. Once collected, can reviews be shown in widgets and toolbars (like a widget that just shows reviews?)

    6. Under WooCommerce settings- do we tick YES or NOT, for enable reviews? It’s under Product Settings.

    Thank you for your time,

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