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    Hi, some quick questions that have arisen this week

    1) Does the plugin pull through videos from Ali product pages?
    2) We deleted the update product log, then re-created the empty file thinking this would repopulate but it has stayed empty. Do we need to do anything else here? File permissions look correct 644.
    3) This ‘error'(see attached screengrab) has occurred a few times when processing the imported list. Do you know what it means, we couldn’t match it to the server logs
    4) After updating a product price rule, do we now simply click ‘Sync Products’ in the imported tab to update all products (c13,000)? Syncing a product individually takes us to Ali, though it’s not clear what to do there.
    5) We haven’t been able to access Failed images – the standard 500MB server allocation memory is exhausted and adding more resource results in 504 timeouts. Is there another way, we couldn’t see anything obvious via FTP

    Thanks, Jeremy

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