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Real big Problem with yoast seo

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    ivan dan

    Hi this plugin is really hurting my website SEO and i FINALLY, and I found the problem of all my problems in the past.
    The problem is that this plugin have a problem with yoast SEO when Yoast SEO is active you can’t make changes fast every change takes forever to save. so what I did i turned off Yoast SEO each time when i was making changes, and the changes were for Yoast SEO meta fields i added all the meta and all the title-focused keywords true to your plugin.
    the problem is now that the data was saved and is there but because i turned off the Yoast plugin each time i was making changes the data is not showing on the website, not to make it to show i need to go manually and save the page, because doing from your plugin i can’t take forever to make updates when Yoast SEO is active, and now i have 12 000 pages with no meta.
    how can we fix this now ass soon as possible? thank you

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