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Refunded Imported Orders are Showing Incorrect Amounts

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    Morgan Burton

    We imported 27,000+ orders from Shopify so that customers can still login and see their account information. Customers with any orders that have been refunded are showing that not all the money was refunded, when in fact it was. In Shopify it shows the entire amount refunded. In WooCommerce, it still shows tax that was not refunded, which is going to be an issue for any customer who sees this in their account as they may think they were not properly refunded.

    Import settings: store settings, shipping zones, and taxes were NOT imported, as the client wanted to set this up manually in WooCommerce. Could this be the problem? Now that they have set this up we noticed this issue (but it may have been there before, we are unsure). Should we Delete the entire order import history and re-import with the store settings, taxes, shipping zones? Or is this a different issue happening? Should we try to resync all refunded orders?

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