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Regression after wpml_all_languages option update

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    in one of the last updates, it was added the option wpml_all_languages which is fantastic. Adding the shortcode in a normal page it shows the reviews in all languages. However, before the update, all reviews were already shown in the product page and now they are not.

    So, in short…

    Before the update:
    Normal page – Not all languages shown
    Product page – All languages shown

    After the update:
    Normal page – All languages shown
    Product page – Not all languages shown

    The only difference between shortcodes is that we filter the product page reviews by a product category:
    [wc_photo_reviews_shortcode only_images=”off” filter=”off” pagination=”on” pagination_ajax=”on” comments_per_page=”12″ enable_box_shadow=”” loadmore_button=”on” wpml_all_languages=”on” product_cat=”17”]
    This shortcode (without the wpml_all_languages option) was showing all reviews before.

    As example, you can check both pages with 2 spanish reviews:
    Normal page: https://kurumbale.com/walk-of-fame/
    Product page: https://kurumbale.com/the-great-penguins-choir-light-unisex-t-shirt/

    Thanks for your support,

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