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    We had discussion inf codecanyon comments section and you asked me to transfer it here.

    It is about remapping existing products.

    Here are the issues :

    – You have a product with 10 variations. You just imported 3. Now you are trying to import it again and mapping it using ALD. You will import it normally using Chrome extension. Then you will put the product name in the woo Map Existing Woo Product field. Then Click import now. It will show you some options. But the plugin will import also the 7 others unwanted variations. Unless you unselect them from the beginning. It will also import the price according to its calculation and replace the old price. Unless you put your price manually.

    So imagine you have 100 product to Map. You have to : – Import product by product using extension (which is time consuming) – Manually unselect the unwanted Variations (I let you imagine the time and the effort that it will takes) – Manually change the price to avoid replacement

    If I’m missing something, please help me fixing it. But if it is the way to go, we will certainly abandon this plugin. We thought we will get smooth process to move from other plugins and even replace standard woo products system.

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