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Rulers Issue

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    Francisco Bayona


    First of all, I love the plugin, it works great!

    However, I have problems:

    I have created 3 rules:
    1. Purchases over $50 receive product X
    2. Purchases over $100 receive product Y
    3. Purchases in category A receive product Y

    If a customer adds products to the cart for more than $100, products X and Y are added to the cart for free. How do I make it possible for the customer to choose between product X or Y, but not both, when making purchases over $100?

    Additionally, product Y is a variable product, but the first variation is always added. Is it possible that when viewing the cart (or when the gift is automatically added) the customer can choose the variation?

    Finally, all the descriptions in the rules are always shown above the items in the cart, is this normal?

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