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Scrolling the page when the Pop-up is opened – Question

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    R. Silveer

    Hello there,
    i have a question about the AJAX theme, when you open a step, the Pop-up shows up. If you go with the cursor outside the Pop-up you can scroll with the mouse wheel down/up through the page. The same happens inside the Pop-up when you scroll to the end and you continue scrolling with the mouse wheel.

    Maybe you say now, so where is the problem? It works fine, but the thing is: When a customer starts from the first step, he is scrolling here and there, and when he selects a product, the Pop-up close automatically, and then he might find him in the middle somewhere by step 8 perhaps.

    I know that there is a function to add the restriction of scrolling outside the pop-ups, which deactivates the scrolling of the page when you are in the pop-up itself, the scrolling is only possible inside the pop-up.

    Its just a suggestion, maybe its not complicated to add this option/function, if you think, its a good suggestion.

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