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    Hello mate,

    1) I am having same issue as topic, so I will share login details in “site information”

    2) Does categories > collections get assigned atuomatically?

    3) Can I have a sample of how I can migrate wordpress short description to shopify (has been told as custom field / meta just need to be sure how to select that on plugin options. Also will it take the html?

    4) I did a test migation with free version and missing some custom fields, will products just update if I add the custom meta fields? or what will happen?

    5) I got dokan plugin that has custom field/metafield vendor taht would be shopify vendor, do you have any documentation relted?

    6) Other produts has a custom metafield called “Price per item” — shopify has somethimg similar called “Cost per item” on price details where you edit on porduct details… can it be directly imported there? or I have to create aq custom meta field?


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