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Shipment Tracking

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    David MAREIN

    Hi there

    We are using your “WooCommerce Email Template Customizer” and want to add the shipping tracking information from a 3rd plugin. Would be this one;

    We have already tried a few things, but cannot add the info via Hook or CSS.

    Can you help us so that this information is also displayed in the confirmation email?

    Maybe this one is also helpful:

    Developers can use the helper function wc_st_add_tracking_number to add tracking info to an order. In this helper function, the field $custom_url is optional.

    if ( function_exists( ‘wc_st_add_tracking_number’ ) ) {
    wc_st_add_tracking_number( $order_id, $tracking_number, $provider, $date_shipped, $custom_url );

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