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    Juan Piqueras

    Hello! My name is Juan, from Spain. I have just started in the world of online commerce.

    I am contacting you because I have been trying to find information about ChinaDS and Taobao, and information about shipping. As I have read, this application only helps import Taobao articles into the store and show them to customers, right? This is fantastic! But I want to know what happens after… When the customer buys the item, the process is not automated, is it? It’s not you who buy the item on Taobao with this payment received and take care of shipping it to the customer, right?

    I just want you to clarify for me, please, if this application simply helps to introduce the items in the store window, and the rest of the process corresponds to the seller. Or, is there a way, your plugin extension, that helps automate this?
    I am interested in purchasing the premium version and different extensions, but first I need a clear answer about this. Thank you so much.

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