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Shipping prices – ALD and WooCommerce together

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    I have an issue with using ALD (recently purchased) in combination with Woocommerce.

    I have a site where I dropship with ALD and sell small physical items with Woocommerce.
    In the cart when items from Wocommerce (WC) and Dropship (DS) items are together, it shows both the drop ship pricing and the flat rate pricing (which is MUCH cheaper) so the customer can potentially select a flat rate of $1.00 to ship everything in the cart.

    When DS items are purchased together or singular it all works fine. When WC items are on their own, it is correct.

    Im looking for; a solution to hide the flat rate if there is a DS item in the cart. OR add the flat rate to the total of the cart (with DS items in it).

    Is this possible?

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