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Short Description and other improvement suggestions

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    Pretty good plugin for being its initial stages of rollout! However for those of us who have a lot of information in the product’s short description, it is not ideal for all that information to show up in the email.

    1) It would be nice to have the option to remove the information that our product’s shortcode has. Our products have images and other items that shouldn’t be showing up in an abandoned cart email.

    2) You should be giving us more options with regards to text. Why can’t we set the padding between the elements? Why can’t we set the line height of the text which is too large by default?

    3) Why can’t we enter custom images? The coupon element can enter a custom image but the plugin sets the height and width automatically which distorts the image.

    4) You should implement an option to enter how well the product is reviewed underneath the cart element. It shouldn’t be on by default, but certainly give us the option to add it if we like.

    Please consider making these improvements. Points 2, 3 and 4 can be improved in the future, but point 1 is a pressing issue which resulted in us disabling the plugin until this is resolved. We should have the option to just put the product they added to the cart and price and disable the short description.

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