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Side cart not working with WooCommerce Boost Sales

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    Toufic Khayrallah


    We are currently utilizing Xootix for our side cart feature, but we’re encountering a problem where the side cart isn’t functioning correctly and fails to update via Ajax. Believing the issue to be with Xootix, I reached out to them with the following email:

    “We are using the Pro version for our WordPress WooCommerce site and are experiencing an issue where the cart does not update via Ajax. This is leading to unusual behavior that negatively impacts the user experience. If you were to test it on our website, you would see the issue. Is there a solution to this problem? Additionally, I want to mention that we use NitroPack, which we have already excluded from the process. Also, the version 3.1 of the pro plugin was working fine. Thank you.”

    They responded with:

    “It is due to the WooCommerce Boost Sales plugin. It has its own ‘ajax add to cart’ functionality and it does not call WooCommerce’s ‘added_to_cart’ event and does not return cart fragments. Due to that, other plugins on your site do not know that an ‘add to cart’ event has happened and hence they do not get updated. You will need to contact their plugin support and ask them to add those missing things OR look in their settings and find the option to disable ‘Ajax add to cart’.”

    After trying their suggestion to disable the option, it still wasn’t functioning correctly. Could you please assist us in resolving this issue?

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