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Slow loading when selecting products on ajax theme

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    Burtrim Philander

    Good day,

    When I first build my Custom PC Builder page I had no issues when I first started without the depends feature enabled. I selected the ajax theme for this as it was more compact and easy for the eyes and minimum content that displayed. Whenever I selected products it would load almost instantly.

    After I enabled the depends feature I noticed that the attributes I selected did not work because all of these different categories did not have the same attributed to match so it could work at all and no products displayed neither did the popup box open. I realized this at a later stage and decided I was going to bulk edit my products with the attributes of what their depended upon and this did work.

    No I noticed that it is taking very long to open the popup box and it is just loading the whole time for the first 2 steps it takes 1 to 3 minutes to load but as I go down the list the 3rd step takes 5 minutes and as I get to memory it takes 10 minutes and 4th step it takes 20 minutes to load. As the list goes on it comes to almost 1 hour of loading on certain steps.

    I tried updating my theme and changed my theme to WordPress original themes. I optimized my images to the smallest as possible of a few kilobytes. I fixed errors I got from your plugin even the PHP issues from 8.1 and 8.2 basically I redid the whole site and went through your forum here for any possible solution by also putting it on the staging site with only Woocommerce and your plugin activated and still the same thing. I even tried all three themes you provide within your plugin settings and it only helped me to understand what is happening and fix most of your plugin errors I got from the browsers console. But, I just can’t figure out what the cause is for the slow loading because on the live site and the staging site which is also live on the internet also the XAMPP version that’s offline on my pc and still the problem persist.

    Now I have come to the conclusion this issue is not related from anything or any setting or plugin nor theme from my side and that the actual problem is within your plugin.

    I tried different host providers and still the same thing. Now I am not asking for any modifications to your plugin. Just to fix this problem. As I also read through the forum there are other individuals that had the same issue but you did not give them any information as to what was causing it or how to fix it but only asked for login details and fixed it yourself and did not give any other means of information as to what was really causing this. I got other senior developers checking if there were anything I did wrong and none of them found anything.

    I don’t want to feel as if this plugin was a real waste of my time and effort nor money. As this was the first plugin I purchased that gave this many issues. No matter what you do does fix any problems and as you fix the next thing another problem arises. Loading time of products is crucial for customers as this can contribute on losing customers interest. You may check
    (https://builder.wootware.co.za/pc) as their loading time is instantly and mine takes a lot of frustrating time.

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