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Some issue with the CRON sync of the products

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    Mihail Vasilev

    Hi, the last month I found some problem wiht the CRON for sync the products. This is the error in my logs

    Cron unschedule event error for hook: wp_vi_wad_ali_api_get_product_data_cron, Error code: could_not_set, Error message: The cron event list could not be saved., Data: {“schedule”:”wp_vi_wad_ali_api_get_product_data_cron_interval”,”args”:[],”interval”:300}

    That’s happen somethimes which is more strange and what I mean is:

    it works for 1-2 days, but on 3rd day shows this message in my logs and I’m guessing the products are not sync that day.

    Usually I don’t have problem with manually sync.

    Another issue what I found yesterday is that some problems going in Trash after sync, but there is no reason for this, the products are still available in AliExpress and the only one way to fix this is to Delete the product and import it as new…

    Any ideas about these?


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