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Some questions

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    Hi there!

    I have purchased the license for the plugin and several problems have arisen (some of them, the visuals, I have been able to fix them with CSS that I have found in other posts here and others trying on my own) after installing the plugin:

    1. Some of the users have attached pictures in their reviews, but then however, when you go to the product in question, the text of the review appears but the picture is not there.
    2. If I go to “Add a review”, if I click on the product field and type something, there is nothing I can’t choose, nothing changes / appears.
    3. Some of the reviews I already had, it only appears in one language, how can I translate it (manually, if necessary) so everyone can see all the reviews in their language?
    4. How can I put the #reviews to the “review” box at the product page?
    5. I have some products, as the Scream Mask in spanish, with 5 stars rating, but there is no review even in the Trash. Nothing. How can I delete this? (I’ve tried to clear the cache, this doesn’t work)

    Btw, I’ve just tested to “Send Review Reminder” at the “Woocommerce” -> “Orders” to myself, and I have not receive any email. It isn’t in the SPAM folder either.

    My main language is spanish and secondary language is english.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

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