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Some serious problems with plugin.

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    Dzer Dzerowski

    Hi support!
    First of all, your plug is really great. At first, a few hours earlier, I wrote on the wordpress forum about the problems I encountered.

    I was hoping that purchasing the full version of the plugin would help to solve them, but unfortunately it didn’t help. That my post, under the nickname “dzond3r”, is irrelevant, and at this point I have to ask you to solve a few issues, because I think the plugin has errors:

    1. ABOVE ALL: In mobile applications such as Apple Mail and Gmail, images placed in the template do not match the dimensions at all. They display the width of the entire message, even if their width is set to e.g. 100px. Generally, it doesn’t matter what the size is set in the editor – they always display in full width. The problem occurs both with your default templates (pictures like a shopping basket in a circle) and templates with my own logo. Regardless of the logotype in the “Your logo” place or placed in the footer. Each graphic has a maximum width.

    2. The container colors are completely dropped in the Gmail application. I don’t know what the rule is and why it results, but e.g. black turns into white, white into black, etc. In my case, when the white container with gray texts changes its color to gray – the e-mail is no longer completely legible. There is no rule, but it is also impossible to read such an e-mail. Also important to note is that the background color in the Gmail app is dropped as well. Instead of light gray, it becomes dark gray.

    3. Text sizes go crazy in the Gmail app. It’s impossible to control it, although I was primarily looking for a problem in text editing (e.g. enter instead of shift enter, etc.), but unfortunately. Again there is no rule and some texts set to 11px get 14px and vice versa. In addition – each template (although they are all very similar, differ in function) changes these values ​​in a different way. For me, this problem is mainly visible in the size of fonts in the footer of the message.

    4. Finally, one more thing, which, although not very noticeable, is a skilled eye will spot an error – the lack of margins for the entire message in mobile Apple Mail. There is only a small margin on the right. As if intended for the slider that appears when scrolling through the message.

    Of course, at the stage of designing the templates, everything in the mobile preview looks nice and as it should be. Unfortunately, things are different in practice when mail is sent. Both for testing and when making a purchase through Woocommerce.

    Everything looks nice and clear on the desktop. I didn’t notice any things that differ with the template settings in the editor. I checked on the desktop version of Apple Mail and the browser version of Gmail.

    Overall great job. The plug is very intuitive and easy to use. Hope you can help me solve the above problems.

    To illustrate the problems, I am sending print screens.

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